YHM Silencers

YHM is dedicated to getting you the best silencer that money can buy. That is why YHM meticulously inspects each product before it leaves our door.

Gemtech Silencers

GEMTECH began in 1993, as a supergroup of already-leading suppressor designers with roots in the silencer business going back to 1976.

Surefire Silencers

SureFire name became so synonymous with excellence in hand-held tools that the company name, Laser Products, was changed to SureFire LLC.

Silencerco Silencers

Silencerco began in 2008 with the intent to create the best silencers by thinking outside the box and by solving problems in unconventional ways.

Advanced Armament Corp

AAC started in 1994 by a gang of hardcore weapon enthusiasts who wanted to create the best signature reduction devices on the planet.
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